Thursday, February 17, 2011

Channeling Emma Pillsbury - Handmade Dayton Style

Do Emma Pillsburys outfits make you swoon? 

Get the look!
Tracy Sews is a busy, busy full time child care provider who makes amazing body skimming dresses in the "spare time" 

I think both of these dresses are Emma worthy!

So how about Emma worthy jewelry? 

FIRST TO BLOOM by Dayton Artist Julie Crusenberry who also just happens to love custom orders!

Also you wouldn't want to leave out the sweater clips. Dayton area crafter Gina XOXO makes them out of recycled and vintage finds

And for the stuff you can't see...The silky bits. Check out this vintage lace slip from My dear little shop. 

It's one of those slips you can let show because it is lined on the bodice. Super dreamy and the perfect ultra light peachy pinky beige.